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"Looking Back" | Salute the spirit!

Price:   750 |  17 March 2018 2:30 PM GMT  |  Narendra Kumar

Salute the spirit!

Born on 23 December, 1889, an astrologer’s prophecy compelled his parents to keep him away from their sight in the house of his Rajput foster parents for the first 12 years of his life. This was the origin of the future Chief Justice of India.  

If today, Jammu and Kashmir is a part of India, the entire credit is given to the tact, vision and timely action taken by Mehr Chand Mahajan, who had persuaded the then wavering Maharaja Hari Singh to sign the Accession Accord with India. Mahajan then was Principal Advisor to the Maharaja. 

How many can claim with conviction and without being challenged, that they have truly ‘lived’. Late Mehr Chand Mahajan is perhaps one of the very few of whom it can be said that he had ‘truly lived.’ Looked at from any angle, his eminently commendable contributions to national affairs – as an educationist, as a social reformer, as an Arya Samajist, as an Indian and, foremost of all, as a man are worth saluting. One does not often come across such a fine combination of head and heart, justice and mercy, nobility and modesty, fearlessness and wisdom, a disciplinarian yet human.

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