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Bold colours of divinity

Bold colours of divinity
Meditative quality of an artist often tends to turn paintings into visual spiritual delights. The show titled Anubhooti talks about the concept. The solo exhibition by Harish Kumar has been put together by the Shree Yash Art Gallery. 

Kumar’s solo show is all about colours, godly images and god like images. Needless to say the artist himself, while painting such austere pieces of art, finds himself connected with the piece of work and hence is able to create such works that can speak for themselves. The mood of the painting is devised by the artist with a beautiful colour scheme and landscaping that it looks too good to be real. 

The paintings showcased in this exhibition explore his other side of being an abstract painter where he had successfully played with hues and geometrical shapes to express his thoughts on various aspects of life and its intriguing relationships. Keeping the same rhythm and texture as his base, he mesmerises his viewer with geometrical language on the canvas through lines, boxes and beguile colour themes and strokes.

In his representations of abstraction, Harish Kumar uses a visual language of form, colour and line to create compositions which exist with a degree of independence, enabling one’s own comprehension and perspectives based on one’s life experiences. The artist does not attempt to represent external reality, but rather seeks to achieve its emotive effects using varying shapes, colours, and textures. Kumar holds a diploma in Fine Arts and Commercial Arts from Delhi, has progressed from landscapes, to figuration, depicting of Gods and Demi-Gods, his love for capturing the spiritual harmony of man with God through portraying the stories around the Hindu mythology, symbolisation of the Krishna, Ganesha, Hanuman and even Buddha. 

With time and exploration, he has developed through his thoughts and life’s complexities manifesting strokes and schemes which take liberties, altering colour and form in ways that are conspicuous and working with abstraction which exists along a continuum.

Harish has made an attempt to represent an illusion of visible reality playing with hues and geometrical representations to express his emotions, expressing the moods, complex mental surfaces and patterns forming life’s realities.
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