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Bodh Gaya blasts: BJP, Oppn parties attack Centre, Bihar govt

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)  and other opposition parties accused the Centre and the Bihar government of failing to take steps to avert the terror strike at the Mahabodhi temple despite specific warnings of  intelligence agencies.

‘It is a serious issue that central agencies had warned about this attack and given specific inputs that Bodh Gaya would be attacked and still no proper arrangements were made (by the state government). The central government must also take responsibility to avoid such attacks,’ said  BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar.

‘The central intelligence agencies had conveyed that in view of whatever was happening in Myanmar, terrorists would attempt something in Bodh Gaya temple. Despite that no steps were taken to improve security,’ said the BJP leader. The BJP leader said it was a serious issue that the terrorists have chosen to attack the temple of Buddha who gave the world the message of peace.

‘BJP condemns the terror attacks in Bodh Gaya. We demand that the Centre and the state governments should take steps so that such incidents should not be repeated,’ said Javadekar, adding that adequate steps should be taken by the authorities at other Buddhist circuit shrines.

RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav condemned the attack and said that if Intelligence Bureau had issued prior warnings of possible attack on the temple, then the onus lay with the state government.

‘They will have to take responsibility for this. Let the investigation happen and truth come out in the open and the elements responsible should be thoroughly investigated,’ said Yadav.

Yadav said the incident had brought disrepute to the state on the global stage as internationally people would feel ‘the temple has not been adequately protected. It is a matter which warrants a probe.
The central government and agencies should look into the matter and find out what report Intelligence Bureau had given and what action had been taken.’ said Yadav.

The RJD chief sought to from the chief minister as to what security arrangements had been made for the temple.
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