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BOA refers changes in WADA policy

The World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) has 'followed the wrong course' and should return to four-year sanctions for drug cheats, according to the British Olympic Association (BOA). BOA chairman Lord Colin Moynihan believes that WADA has watered down its message and is endangering its reputation and effectiveness by driving towards a two-year global ban for athletes found guilty of doping.

The BOA’s Athletes Commission is now calling for a return to four-year sanctions, as well as an Olympic Games and/or major events ban. ‘As Sir Steve Redgrave, one of our greatest Olympians, has said, ‘A two-year ban for doping is almost saying it is acceptable’,’ Lord Moynihan was quoted as saying by Xinhua. The BOA has submitted a series of recommendations for consideration by WADA in its anti-doping code review. In its submission, Lord Moynihan commended WADA for commissioning a review process. While progress has been made in the fight against doping in sport, he said the time had come for a fundamental review of WADA and the role of governments, the IOC and sports governing bodies in the fight against doping.

He stressed the importance of implementing strategies that are more proactive in nature -- including intelligence-based testing, targeting the source of supply and the entourage who influence athletes.
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