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Bleeding Egypt to political death

As news of the former president, ousted in the 2011 revolution, Hosni Mubarak’s imminent release knocks at Cairo’s door, the already volatile mood in Egypt is surely get inflamed further, hurtling the nation into a nadir of military-led bloodbath and anarchy. While thousands have already been killed in the massacres orchestrated by the Army following unprecedented polarisation, particularly targeting the members, leaders and supporters of Muslim Brotherhood, the hitherto ruling regime led by the overthrown Mohamed Morsi, the very foundations of the 2011 revolution stand substantially weakened with the spiritual leader of the Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie, detained. It is extremely unfortunate that the legacy of Tahrir Square is being squandered by the US-backed military, that has already silenced the voice of the people by shutting down the broadcast media, closing the radio and television stations. In fact, plan to declare the popular protests illegal is afoot, thus eliminating the wellspring of democratic struggle that marked the movement in Cairo and elsewhere in Egypt since 2011. Unbelievably enough, the enormity of the aggravating military coup is descending on the people of Egypt, as the world watches helplessly the siege of civil liberties and breach of democratic fortress. 

It is ironical that the military crackdown on the protesters, no more or less violent than those who demonstrated against Mubarak in January, February 2011, has been extremely harsh, and the current Army strongman, General Abel Fattah al-Sisi is equally guilty of committing atrocities of gargantuan proportions against the civilians of his country. Rejecting all forms of dialogue and negotiations, the military has displayed a brutality of indescribable proportions, shooting and killing people indiscriminately. Not only has been the Muslim Brotherhood demonised by the government propaganda machinery, but it has been effectively rendered headless, with its top brass now eliminated through murder or imprisonment. The coup has tumbled Egypt in an abyss of chaos and self-replicating cycle of violence, and the Army now seeks to reinstate the Mubarak-era technocrats, who were responsible for the three-decade-long dictatorship’s numerous crimes against the people. Moreover, the US’ doublespeak on Egypt has been duly exposed, because even though Barack Obama had cancelled the joint military exercises with Egypt, it had been arming the military all along, waiting to derail the democratically-elected, pro-Iran Morsi government. It is time therefore that Egypt rises to its own defence to avoid a return to entrenched dictatorship.

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