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Black stripes on ochre

Black stripes on ochre

'The tiger skin shone brilliantly in the pre-lunch Jabalpur sun. Of the two men who spread it in front of the chai-shop, Ramchandra Prasad—the older one with a shaved head and gentle, hesitating hands, had a natural poise establishing his higher position in life. That he had come from the United States was evident from his elegant, though creased, Hilfiger jacket and the airline-tag on the Hartmann bag by his side... The gleaming skin on the bench also cast its spell on the chaiwallah, who begged to feel it. He turned down the radio and quickly jumped off his shop on stilts before Ram could say a word. 
‘Tiger is truly king of the jungle.’ '

Scent of a Game is set against the backdrop of wildlife conservation and draws together several themes extending from tiger poaching, big game hunting and  illegal trade of endangered species. These themes are woven into place, in a fast paced and gripping story line that draws the reader’s attention to pressing environmental issues whilst contributing to a transformation in their understanding of not just the tiger and it’s environment, but lends new perspective on their take on life itself.

 Speaking on the launch of the book, Chief Guest, Dr. SY Quraishi said, 'Environment and Tigers are deeply interrelated topics. Protection of one is necessary for the other. Books like Scent of a game contributes greatly in garnering interest in the people and raising awareness' Following an enthusiastic reception from the audience, Chandra, who is not only passionate about the subject but has considerable primary experience in handling issues related to Tiger conservation, narrated his experience of writing a book.

 The fictional book, with its fast-paced and engaging plot, interweaves a fascinating story about a lost tiger skin. It draws the reader’s attention to various different but related issues like tiger poaching, illegal trade, big game hunting, criminal tribes and touches upon the need for environmental management. Read it to know more!

Book: Scent of a Game (394 Pages)

Publisher: Rupa Publications India

Price: Rs 395

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