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Black armband silent protest against GTB hospital

Black armband silent protest  against GTB hospital
As the world celebrates International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPwD) on Monday, a faculty member at University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS) and GTB Hospital sit quite gloomy while trying to find out reasons to celebrate.

Coordinator, Enabling Unit (for PwD) and Equal Opportunity Cell,Satendra Singh, wore a black armband,for a silent protest against Medical Superintendent (MS), GTB Hospital, Delhi.

The theme for IDPwD on Monday was ‘Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all’.

Talking to Millennium Post, Singh said, ‘I have filed several written complaints regarding various issues of disable persons to GTB officials, but to no avail. This time i thought, the world is celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities and i should raise the problems,we are dealing with. In doing so, I am highlighting the apathy towards PwDs. This is a silent plea to MS to protect basic human rights of PwDs and show social accountability. In doing so, I pray that my small action may help to expedite the process of making UCMS and GTB Hospital a truly inclusive and accessible campus for one and sundry’.

Students raised the issue of inaccessible conditions prevailing in GTB campus as repeated requests and reminders to MS of GTB have fallen in deaf ears.

The library and conference hall is without any lift and it therefore violates the right to education (article 24).

Singh, himself disabled, lamented that the inaccessible post office and Canara Bank in the campus defies article 19 and 27 of CRPD.

Sources said that a meeting of AGM, Canara Bank with MS in July, this year was also held, where the former showed his willingness to shift the bank branch on the ground floor. However, no action after that can be seen in the campus.

Students with disabilities have to encounter herculean task at the hostel also, which has a steep ramp without hand-railings.

Singh, who is also founder of Infinite Ability added,’PwDs are not objects of charity, we are rather subjects with human rights. The complete apathy from Public Works Department, GTB failed our proposal. I have requested many times to MS to look into these matters and I am still awaiting a response’.
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