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BL Arya blames Rawat for breach of promises

Former Ghansali MLA Bhim Lal Arya quit the vice-chairman post from state Infrastructure Development Council and other lucrative posts just giving severe shock to CM Harish Rawat who is busy in launching populist schemes especially targeting women and youth in Uttarakhand. 

Former BJP MLA Arya told Millennium Post, “I left the BJP in the hope that something better will happen to my constituency as I joined ruling party. CM made tall promises but never cared for Ghansali constituency in Tehri Garhwal as soon as he returned to power. I was even denied Congress party membership. During this period, I learnt that politics is a dirty game where there is no place for emotions.”  

The loyalty of Arya has switched over to ruling Congress party, and he praised CM Rawat publicly on several occasions. When 27 BJP MLAs along with nine rebel MLAs were in exile at different locations of BJP-ruled states during 55 days long political turmoil, the sudden disappearance of Bhimlal surprised one and all. And, surprise of the surprises came when Bhimlal cross-voted for then ousted CM Harish Rawat during vote of confidence in state assembly on 10 May. 
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