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BJP trashes communal bill, says it lacks legislative punch

He said, ‘The home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde wanted the House to introduce the Bill. But I opposed. My opposition was based on the legislative entries contained in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution. These matters are exclusively within the domain of the state. The central legislature has no legislative competence to enact on these issues.’

While going details in to the Bill, the leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha said, ‘It (Bill) will create a new category of offences dealing with declaration and notification of disturbed areas. It suggests steps for prevention of communal violence with the compensation mechanism and action to be taken against officers of the state government. All these matters are state’s subject.’

Jaitley welcomed that all the other opposition parties have supported his view and said, ‘The response of the union law minister was that federalism is not threatened as long as the power in relation to each of these subjects vests in the state executive. My response was that there is a clear distinction between legislative power and the executive power. The legislative power is the power to enact a law. Executive power is a power under the legislation to undertake necessary steps. My objection was based on the lack of legislative competence.’

On the context of Supreme Court lawyer P P Rao’s appointment as a member of the Lokpal selection panel, he lambasted PM Manmohan Singh and said, ‘He has done damage to the collegium system for making appointments to several public positions. There are a large number of public appointments which are expected to be on non-partisan lines.’
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