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BJP supporters imprint NaMo mark on rotis, bricks

Ahead of BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s visit on Thursday, the poll fever in this holy town has entered totally uncharted territories of rotis, laddoos, balloons, bricks and jackets.

BJP supporters are placing mass orders of many products with ‘NaMo’ mark on it while makers of these items are happily reciprocating to cash in on these ‘electoral gains’.

Modi will address two rallies here tomorrow to canvass support for his Lok Sabha fight, while he is also expected to participate in Ganga Arti — a daily ritual on the Ganga ghats here every evening.
He is expected to address the public first at Rohaniya (a rural area in the outer region of Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency and a bit away from the main city) and later at highly-populated Beniya Bagh within the city.

Incidentally, both Rohaniya and Beniya Bagh have significant population of Muslim community, whose votes are being targeted by all non-BJP parties while Modi has also said earlier that Muslims of Varanasi would love him when he comes to Varanasi.

In the meantime, some dhabas are even putting the ‘NaMo’ mark and BJP’s Lotus symbol on rotis made for customers, although there have also been instances when customers have refused to eat at such stalls after being served these items.
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