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BJP raises questions on Antony’s statement on chopper issue

BJP on Saturday sought ‘clarification’ from defence minister AK Antony as to why the ‘Family’ mentioned in middleman Guido Haschke’s statement before an Italian court in the VVIP chopper deal case is being given ‘another meaning’.

‘Is it rocket science, in the political arena, to decipher the abbreviation mentioned in the note sheet? Is it not unusual for middleman to be referred to as Family? When words in their natural course are understood to have a particular meaning, why should the word Family be given a meaning other than how it is understood in India?,’ leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley said.

He said though clarifications have been sought from the defence minister on his statement made in Rajya Sabha on 5 February on the AgustaWestland issue, but expressed doubt if it will be possible to seek response on account of disturbances in the House.

Jaitley said, ‘Admittedly, in the deal kickbacks have been paid and the Indian system has been subverted. The contract has, therefore, been cancelled.’

He said he has already said these note sheets remind of the 1987 seizures in Sweden where the entry in Martin Ardbo’s diary referred to the Word ‘Q’, which eventually became clear later.
The BJP leader said the defence minister has stated that a crucial document seized from Guido Haschke contains two important statements and the word ‘FAM’ refers to ‘Family’, which he believes, is the Tyagi family.
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