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‘BJP infighting could facilitate our victory’

‘BJP infighting could facilitate our victory’
There are 44 lakh Poorvanchali voters out of the total 1.30 crore electorate in the national Capital, which mainly consist of people from Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This year, AAP has fielded 11 candidates from Poorvanchal, which has put the BJP on the back foot. Singh has been addressing several rallies in Delhi to promote his party and win votes. He said the BJP and Congress are panicky and doing negative campaigning against AAP. 

Sanjay Singh, in an exclusive interview to Sunil Thapliyal, shares his views for the upcoming election.

Do you think BJP will give you a tough fight in the upcoming election?
Earlier, it was BJP all the way. But now, the situation has changed and we are in a position to give them a stern contest. Our people-to-people campaign has been a hit.  We had given Delhi a better government during our brief stint of 49 days’ rule. People believe that AAP is their own party and there is someone like Arvind Kejriwal who cares for them and this will make a difference in the upcoming poll.

Anna Hazare recently said that he is going to launch an agitation against the Modi government against corruption. Will the AAP support his movement?
We are with Annaji but he does not want any political party to support him and join his movement. This is his personal view and we respect his decision, however, we will support him morally. He is our mentor and we respect him a lot.

What will be the AAP’s stand on Jan Lok Pal bill, if it is elected to power?

It is top on our agenda and we will pass it soon after our government is formed in Delhi.

What will be your party’s top priorities apart from electricity, water issues?
Women’s safety and security will be our core concern. We will also work to enhance medical facilities, education system and transport in the national Capital. We will work on every possible aspects which can make a difference the lives of the common man.

BJP ad alleged that AAP and its leaders had deceived Anna Hazare. What would you say on this current ad campaigning of the BJP against AAP?
BJP is behaving like an Opposition party. They have already acknowledged that they have lost the election before the actual poll and it shows their frustration. They do not have any vision for Delhi.

Do you think Modi magic will help BJP in Delhi any more?
No, not at all. Modiji is our Prime Minister and not a Chief Ministerial candidate for Delhi. There is a vacuum of leadership in Delhi BJP, so they are relying on Kiran Bedi, whom they have parachuted all of a sudden. They don’t have any face in Delhi and their internal politics will help my party to make an impact.
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