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BJP hits out at NCW for being a 'national shame'

BJP hits out at NCW for being a national shame
After the controversy erupted of the National Commission for Women (NCW) making remarks on the Guwahati molestation case, the Bharatiya Janata Party has hit out against the NCW for 'being a national shame.'
The party's National Secretary, Vani Tripathi on Wednesday said, 'The national commission for women has become a body of mourners who go from case to case when the  incident has already occurred of a heinous crime perpetrated against women in the country.'

The party reacted strongly after it felt that the  molestation case was mishandled by the NCW. Tripathi adds, 'We need an able body for the crime against women which can provide a deterrent and not just a ladies kitty party. 

The commission has to be a body of capable people and not 'has been politicians' who get thrust into the commission for ulterior political motives.'

She feels that the most recent example of the insensitive way the NCW handled the molestation case, speaks clearly about the kind of people in the commission. 

'It has to be a body of people who should have a deep understanding and knowledge of handling issues related to women specially the kind that lead to a national outcry in Guwahati. It is a shame and a sad spectacle that the identity and the name of the victim was so shoddily pronounced by a member  who had been sent to provide justice and salvage the situation instead lead to a further disaster of the identity disclosure which has been protected by the court of law in the country,' says Tripathi. 

Asserting that the NCW had made a 'spectacle' of this entire incident, Tripathi said that this body had 'become an adjustment zone for the political brass. 

The BJP has demanded 'a high level inquiry and the removal of such people to immediate effect including the head of the commission and to provide respite to the victim. 
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