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BJP government will fall in 2019, predicts Mamata

Lashing out at the BJP, Trinamool Congress Chief Mamata Banerjee predicted that the BJP government would fall in 2019 and a new government will be formed in which TMC will be a part.

Addressing a political rally on Monday afternoon Mamata Banerjee said that Congress had been brought to the ground and soon it would go into oblivion. Chachol was considered to be a Congress stronghold since the rise of ABA Ghani Khan Chowdhury’s rise in the early 1970s. Over the years that area witnessed changes and many youth have become TMC supporters. She said TMC would never allow communal discord in West Bengal. “BJP had not allowed vocalist Ghulam Ali’s concert to happen in Mumbai. We had organised it because Bengal has always kept faith in communal harmony. “We will not allow intolerance to happen in our state as this is the place where people belonging to different religion and faith have lived peacefully and happily,” she said. Banerjee on Monday began her second phase of election campaign in North Bengal. North Bengal, till recently, was Trinamool’s weak point but because of the development schemes ,TMC has established its ground and political experts believe that the party will do well in North Bengal. Banerjee said BJP did nothing for West Bengal’s development. On the top of it financial assistance in many schemes has been stopped. 

But despite that the State government continued with its development schemes and completed them. Mamata Banerjee said Congress because of its unholy alliance with CPI(M) had become politically insignificant in West Bengal and after the election it would go into oblivion. “How could the workers of Congress and CPI(M) go holding each other’s hands when they were rivals althorugh. This is the biggest mistake Congress has committed,” she remarked.

Banerjee said the election would be between development and anti development. “Those who oppose development do not want West Bengal to develop in every sphere of life. We have see CPI(M). They believe in unleashing red terror and now are talking about democracy. We have seen how they had conducted elections. 

They used to capture booths and created fear psychosis among people.” Banerjee said that in Malda steps had been taken to revive the silk industry. 

The schemes like Kanyashree and Sabuj Sathi have helped women and students. “The Opposition knows how these schemes have benefitted people and so they are criticising us out of sheer jealously.” 

Trinamool chief urged people to vote for TMC  to keep the development schemes going. “ Vote for our party to ensure peace and development in West Bengal,” she said.
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