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BJP defends Sadhvi, says her political rallies will continue

Two days after Sadhvi Niranjan apoligised in Parliament for her abusive statement, Delhi BJP on Friday called it a political conspiracy and said her rally will go as scheduled in poll-bound national Capital.

“We are committed to make her future public meetings a huge success. The conspiracy against Sadhvi by the opposition parties in the Parliament is politically motivated. She is being targeted for being backward caste leader,’ said Mahender Kashyap, the convener of party’s fishermen cell. His statement comes days after the BJP cancelled two meetings of Sadhvi Niranjan. But, the party now claimed that the meetings were cancelled owing to her busy schedule.

“Samajwadi Party and splinter groups of Janata Dal are feeling unsafe due to increasing popularity of Sadhvi as a backward caste leader in Uttar Pradesh. In the name of caste politics these parties have been exploiting the backward classes and building their own empires”, he added. Kashyap, along with BJP’s Poorvanchal cell chief Dinesh Pratap Singh and weaver’s cell chief Yogender Kumar Mahore said they will launch a counter protest.

“She has apologised for her remark in Parliament and the matter should end now. There are several senior leaders who had made highly abusive remarks in the past but never apologised”, Kashyap argued.
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