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BJP collecting ‘Modi for PM’ funds, says Mamata

BJP collecting ‘Modi for PM’ funds, says Mamata

‘We will write to the EC against the ‘Modi for PM fund’,’ she said waving a paper. ‘Now I am even hearing they are protesting against the EC in Varanasi. This is unheard of,’ she said. Alleging that BJP was spending a huge amount of money in the elections and that 90 per cent of the media had been bought she asked ‘Who is giving this money?

‘This has never happened before in democracy. Today it has become a black day for the nation and this election will become a black election for them.’ In an apparent reference to 2002 Gujarat riots, she said ‘See the enormity of the riots in Gujarat when little children and the women were burnt alive... If they come to power, they will sell the nation and incite riots. She said that those who wanted to destroy the communal harmony of Bengal should be defeated in the elections.
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