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BJP attacks Cong for ‘neech rajniti’, ‘khooni’ barbs at Modi

BJP on Wednesday took a swipe at Congress for its neech rajniti, khooni and other barbs at Narendra Modi, wondering under what political category 2G, coal and Adarsh scams besides ‘cash-for-votes’ episode fell and if they could be termed as ‘shudh rajniti (pure politics)’.

BJP leader Arun Jaitley referred to various terms used by Congress during the campaign to attack the party’s prime ministerial candidate and hit out at the ruling Congress.

‘Neech rajneeti, chaiwala (tea-seller), khooni (murderer), Hitler, gangu teli, bandar (monkey), napunsak (impotent), are amongst the various adjectives used by Congress leaders against Modi. Congress sees nothing wrong in referring to Modi as ‘Neech Rajneeti’.

‘I wonder in which category of politics or Rajneeti will corruption in 2G spectrum, and coal block allocation fall? Will the ‘cash for votes’ and Adarsh be considered as Shudh Rajneeti,’ the leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha said on his blog.

Priyanka Gandhi had recently accused Modi of indulging in neech rajniti and he, in turn, had charged her with making a casteist slur as he came from a lower caste.

Jaitley also kept the pressure on the Election Commission, which has drawn flak from Modi who has accused it of not doing enough to stop rigging, saying the EC should concentrate its energies in checking this ‘silent booth capturing’ since that is its ‘principal job’.

‘The core of the election is a free and fair polling which is being denied through the silent booth capturing. It would be desirable that the EC concentrate its energies in checking this silent booth capturing since that is its principal job.’ 

He said a large part of the EC’s energies is being spent in dissecting political speeches. Arguing that even though these political speeches at times do cross the laxman rekha, he said these are at best a side show.
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