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'Bisexuality is no crime, but it might affect your sex life in the future'

Bisexuality is no crime, but it might affect your sex life in the future
I’m living in a hostel. I have got physically involved with my room mate. I’m not gay but I find him attractive. What should I do!
Name withheld, New Delhi
You could be bisexual. And if you feel uneasy about that, you really have to sit back and understand your sexual preference. Nobody can do that for you! In the long run, you need clarity about your own self! Bisexuality is no crime but this might affect your sex life in the future. Please take all necessary precautions and don’t have unprotected sex with anyone.

I’m 40 years old and the only daughter of my parents. My father expired 5 yeas back and my mom is too dependent on me. I want to get married but nobody seems interested in that! What do I do?
Rekha, Madhya Pradesh
Well, this is sad but the reality is you, yourself need to initiate the process of marriage. If there’s no prospective groom, you surely can register on online matrimonial sites or resort to newspaper ads. Keep in mind that the man you choose is someone who will understand your situation and help you take care of your mother. I understand, this situation is definitely a bit depressing and demanding, but you have to help yourself and look out for your ideal partner. All the best Rekha!

I have developed this habit of visiting red-light areas and having sex with prostitutes. I’m a student and feel addicted towards this. How can I come out of it?
Name and location withheld
You have to come out of this for your own good! Life is no film and this has to get over NOW! We all fantasise about various things and I’m sure you’ve lived your quota of sexual fantasy. It’s time to end this and look for a perfect girl for you who will help cool your mind, soul and body. Hope that you have been sexually safe. Sincerely request you to go through the required tests for STD (Sexually transmitted disease) checks. Play safe boy. 

My daughter has developed the ugly habit of smoking. I’m very upset. What can I do to help her come out of it?
Ragini Sharma, New Delhi
You can directly tell her how you feel towards her habit. Make her conscious about your feelings. We all know the dark truth about smoking but quitting it is one’s own decision. This could be just a phase but you as a parent should insist so that she quits soon. Be firm, don’t nag. Leave reading materials on quitting techniques on her desk/room. Emotional blackmail work wonders on kids and I’m sure she will soon realise and make you a happy parent!

I stammer. I feel conscious. What should I do to overcome this?
Dilip, Haryana
Just start by not getting conscious. Forget that you have a difficulty in speech. Initially try to participate in conversations with small sentences or just words. Develop this gradually and every morning look into the mirror and say - I’m GOOD...I try to be perfect!!! Trust me, you’ll soon overcome. You can and you will!

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