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Bird, know the rigmarole

I love superhero movies. There isn’t one Hollywood superhero flick I have not seen, except Kick-Ass, that movie I refuse to watch. Hell, I have even written an academic paper about it. It follows a simple train of thought following a super-power locomotive that makes superhero flicks work. 

Since, in general, life doesn’t seem to be the party we wished for, everyone’s always hoping that someone will turn up to set things right. Even if it is at the cost of New York City, super-villains and aliens hate America. True story.

When India got Krrish, it was fun only till Hrithik’s rippling muscles worked. Which means - not too long. Since genetic mutation and the Indian thought process did not go hand in hand, we depended on alien-modified-genetic-one-upmanship.

Krishna Mehra (Hrithik) lives in his happy bubble with wife Priya (Priyanka Chopra) till super-villain Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) lays waste on Mumbai with his maanvars (Maanav+Janwars! Keep up will you?). From his impregnable fortress atop a snowy mountain, Kaal, keeps himself busy trying to find the right cure to deal with his wheelchair bound state (Wonder why Charles Xavier never thought of that! I suppose the western world has a bit to learn from us about super-power logic) creates things like Antman (Atom Ant does not approve) and  Kaya (Kangna Ranaut) a decent Mystique rip-off. Throw in a Rohit Mehra (A prosthetically paunchy Hrithik) with his own experiments into the mix and we have
Krrish 3

Krrish 3 works because it ups the ante on India’s first superhero. There were characters in the past that flew, punched through walls etc but Hrithik with his flawless physique and chiseled looks means the real superhero business, like Hollywood does it. Kangna fares better than Chopra in this one and Piggychops should totally throw some tantrums, the Kaya-Krrish song sequence is terribly redundant though. Oberoi is sufficiently sinister but I could not help thinking off rockstar villains in Hollywood.

It is decently entertaining, but if you have seen as many superhero flicks as I have, you will just be trying to spot rip-offs. It seems like Rakesh Roshan ate too many of those movies for lunch and threw up. And since he wasn’t too sure about the box office success, he made sure all the advertisers were kept happy.

The songs are absurd, there is no other way to define them. Should you watch Krrish 3  Why not, there’s nothing better on. We are still trying to solve the absconding Krrish 2 mystery though. 

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