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Bird flu scare in Capital: Delhi govt issues advisory

Rai, however, also said the anti-virus operation in the Deer Park in South Delhi was showing results as only two bird deaths were reported there on Monday. As many as 17 birds died in the Deer Park on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. 

The deaths of four other birds on Monday were reported from a lake behind Shakti Sthal, the memorial to Indira Gandhi, Rai said. “We have started close monitoring of the lake along with other locations,” he added.

Rai said the second report from the central lab in Bhopal, where bird samples were being sent, has arrived. “Infection of H5N8 avian influenza has been confirmed from the two samples. These samples were taken from dead birds found in Deer Park and Sundar Nagar (near the zoo) last week,” Rai said.

Earlier, the same lab had confirmed H5N8 virus infection in the sample collected from Delhi Zoo. “With bird deaths being reported from more locations, there is need to increase vigilance,” Rai said. He issued a health advisory with a detailed list of do’s and don’ts.

In the wake of the crisis, Rai cancelled his two-day visit to Goa which was scheduled to start on Tuesday. He met the coordination committee in the Delhi Secretariat to consider further action on checking the spread of H5N8 influenza virus.

He ordered all government departments to spread “chuna” (lime powder) around every water body. He also ordered them to spray anti-virus Sodium Hypochlorite around all water bodies where birds gather. As per the ‘mandatory’ guidelines, the government agencies are required to spray anti–virus in their parks and also on the birds and provide multi-vitamins and garlic in their foods. The major waterbodies are owned by Delhi Zoo, DDA, CPWD, Revenue Department, and MCDs.

  •   Avoid direct contact with bird secretions
  •   Clean all feeders, waterers, cages, used for birds with detergents (soap/surf). Dispose off properly all slaughter waste
  •   Please don’t touch dead birds with naked hands and inform the control room. Phone number 23890318 for further action
  •   Wash hands frequently at the time of dealing with raw poultry products. Take due care of personal hygiene. Maintain cleanliness in surrounding
  •   Always use mask and gloves at the time of dealing with raw chicken/chicken products
  •   Eat only completely cooked meat and meat products (100ºC)
  •   In case any pond etc. is near your Mohala, Park, etc. and is not being disinfected with lime etc., then inform on above-mentioned Control Room number
  •   Do not consume uncooked chicken or eggs
  •   Do not consume half-cooked chicken/bird or half boiled or half fried eggs
  •   Prevent exposure from sick looking (sluggish) chicken
  •   Do not keep raw meat near cooked meat
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