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Biman Bose admits there are problems plaguing the alliance

 MPost |  2016-04-02 00:20:35.0  |  Kolkata

Biman Bose admits there are problems plaguing the alliance

With the first phase election just 72 hours away, Left Front chairman Biman Bose admitted that problems continue to hit the alliance and efforts were made to resolve the impasse.

In Jhargram constituency the CPI(M) is backing Chunibala Hansda of Jhargram party against Congress candidate Subrata Bhattacharya. Naturally, distance has been created between Congress and CPI(M) workers. The vote to this seat will be held on April 4. Trinamool Congress has fielded Sukumar Hansda. There was resentment over Hansda’s nomination. But as the date of election is drawing near Trinamool Congress factions have buried their hatchets and all are working in unity to ensure Hansda’s victory.

But the real problem has cropped up in North Bengal. In Murshidabad, Congress is fighting against RSP. In Alipurduar, CPI(M) is backing the Congress candidate against RSP candidate Nirmal Das. Congress candidates are fighting against Forward Bloc and CPI(M) candidates in 24 seats. “There will be friendly fight in some seats,” said Basu. However, he could not clarify what he meant by “friendly fight.”

But both Congress and CPI(M) leaders are upbeat over sharing of dais with Rahul Gandhi in Kulti in Durgapur on Saturday. Though, Suryakanta Misra will not be present at the meeting because of his prior engagement, Bansgopal Chowdhury, party’s former MP will share the dais. Interestingly, two CPI(M) Rajya Sabha members from West  Bengal, Sitaram Yehchuri, party’s general secretary and Brinda Karat have not yet addressed any election rally nor have they shown any interest to share the dais with Congress.

As the election is drawing near both the Congress and CPI(M) leaders have realised that the unofficial alliance was not likely to make any dent in Trinamool Congress. “It will help them restore the winning seats. But whether they will be able to make inroads in Trinamool Congress’ territory is the billion dollar question and whose answer can only be gotten on May 19 when the results are out,” said a veteran RSP leader.

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