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Bihar BJP rocked by dissidence, accuses JD(U) of poaching MLAs

Rocked by dissidence after the ruling JD(U) snapped ties with it last month, Bihar BJP on Sunday suspended its MLA Amarnath Gami, who had rebelled against senior leader Sushil Kumar Modi, and lashed out at Nitish Kumar government for ‘luring’ its legislators.
The JD(U), however, claimed there was ‘panic’ in BJP and that eight of its MLAs were ready to ‘cross over’ as they were unhappy with their leadership.

Hitting out at JD(U), state BJP president Mangal Pandey said, ‘Our MLAs are being lured away. They are being offered ministership and their relatives are being promised seats in the legislative council’.
He accused chief minister Nitish Kumar of trying to shore up his numbers by wooing BJP legislators. ‘The day the chief minister expands his council of ministers, there will be a split in JD(U). So, he is trying to increase his numbers in the assembly’. State BJP vice-president Sanjay Mayukh said Pandey has suspended Gami for anti-party activities.

Gami, BJP MLA from Hayaghat in Darbhanga district, had accused former deputy chief minister Modi of being power hungry, monopolising party affairs and promoting sycophants while neglecting genuine workers like him. ‘Sushil Modi has hijacked the party. He does not want party cardres to progress and therefore he suppresses them,’ Gami had said and slammed the leadership for supporting a leader with ‘no mass base’. The JD(U) broke its alliance with BJP in mid June after it appointed Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi as election campaign committee chief.

Meanwhile, BJP legislator Amarnath Gami on Sunday came out in open rebellion against the state party leadership and hinted that he may soon join Bihar’s ruling Janata Dal-United (JD-U).
Gami, legislator from Hayaghat, described senior state leader Sushil Kumar Modi as ‘power hungry’ and refused to work under him.

‘I am against Modi because he has hijacked the party. He does not want party cadres to progress and therefore he suppresses them,’ he alleged. ‘BJP ideology is becoming individual-centric,’ Gami said. Gami has hinted at joining the JD-U along with two or three more legislators.
‘Wait for a few days, everything will be clear,’ Amarnath Gami said.
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