Bigg bosses and the crores

Bigg bosses and the crores
Television in general seems to be quite a limiting deal these days. Either it is hard-core news or it is soap serials that seem to have lost their plot episodes ago. Fortunately news was the saving grace. 
The momentous death penalty to four rapists in the 16 December rape case in Delhi captured the imagination and the attention of the nation. The Delhi court verdict came in on Friday. 

The days leading up to this were replete with debates - how must these rape accused be treated. Some  argued that a death penalty would not change matters in a country where the women’s safety situation is going from bad to worse. What was interesting is that a massive chunk of the population demanded the harshest of the harsh punishments. The rage still seethes. 

Parallel to this development the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi held sway over news channels as. NaMo moment arrived on Friday as well. As one channel’s ticker ran - Is Congress preparing for its RaGa moment? Well my guess is as good as yours. 

Movie promotions ran amok but fortunately the Grand Masti team took it easy. There is just that much buffoonery that even Indian TV can tolerate, wait I take my words back - Comedy Circus had its fair share of air time. Thank god for Comedy Nights with Kapil that is faring better.  

The grand finale of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa will have  Hrithik and Priyanka as Shaan-Marisha, Lauren-Puneet and Sonali-Sumant battle it out. Lauran and Puneet have heavy bets on them as the story goes. 

And speaking of reality shows - Bigg Boss 7 starts this week. Salman Khan has been up and about the promotions and taking digs at SRK, he has made sure that he and his show remains the talk of town. Kaun Banega Crorepati 7 is raring to go. Let’s see who wins this TRP battle. 

I am going to wait for Star World Premier with is scheduled to hit televisions from 24 September. Promising 26 of America’s top TV shows, this new channel has my votes already. Move over Torrents.
Jhinuk Sen

Jhinuk Sen

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