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WHO launds PM Modi's 'Janata Curfew' initiative

WHO launds PM Modis Janata Curfew initiative

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for a 'Janata Curfew' or 'People's Curfew' - a restriction imposed by people themselves to remain indoors, which will come into effect on Sunday, Henk Bekedam, the World Health Organization's (WHO) India representative lauded the initiative.

"We welcome Prime Minister`s call for a janata curfew and adopting social distancing. Effective implementation of the strategy will go a long way in controlling the spread of the virus," Bekedam stated in a statement issued after Modi's adress to the nation yesterday on tackling the coronavirus outbreak.

It must be noted that the WHO on March 11 declared the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic.

The curfew is essentially in line with the social-distancing precaution prescribed by the medical experts in the time of the outbreak to contain further spread of the virus. It means that people would have to take up the challenge to avoid public gatherings by essentially self quarantining themselves in their homes. However, essential services will remain open like medical and emergency services, law enforcement agencies.

"This Sunday, that is on 22nd March, all citizens must abide by the people's curfew from 7 AM until 9 PM. During this curfew, we shall neither leave our homes nor get onto the streets or roam about our localities. Only those associated with emergency and essential services will leave their homes," Modi said in Thursday's address.

In addition to this, He said hand-hygiene and coughing and sneezing in one's sleeves to prevent transmission is important along with social distancing.

Until now (Friday), the total number of confirmed cases stands at 206. The aforementioned statistics also include 19 who have been cured/discharged and four reported deaths.

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