Underestimated SP-BSP pact, says Adityanath

Underestimated SP-BSP pact, says Adityanath
Lucknow: The Gorakhpur and Phulpur Lok Sabha by-election results were a "lesson", Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Wednesday, citing over-confidence and the inability to understand the understanding between SP and BSP as prime reasons for the BJP's defeat.
The fact that the BJP lost both the seats -- Adityanath and Phulpur vacated Gorakhpur by his deputy Keshav Prasad Maurya -- was a reason for the review, the chief minister added.
"When the candidates were declared, the SP, BSP and Congress were not together...they had not joined hands then. But suddenly in the middle of the election, the SP and the BSP forged an electoral understanding," he told the media from his residence.
"The over-confidence and inability to understand the electoral understanding between the SP and the BSP led to the defeat," Adityanath stressed.
Political bargaining has started in the state and people of the state will understand it, he said.
The chief minister, who has represented Gorakhpur in the Lok Sabha five times, said local issues led to the party's poor performance in by-elections, not the policies of the Centre.
He noted that local issues dominated and voter turnout was also low.
"When the general elections are held, there will be national issues. Under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, there has been a sense of confidence which is prevailing in the country...but all these will be reviewed."
The election results, he stressed, were a lesson.
"Gorakhpur has always been a stronghold. Where we went wrong and how we can counter the SP, BSP combine, we will figure it out,"
BJP's Keshav Prasad Maurya said.
"It is obviously not a satisfactory result. But one thing is certain that the SP was about to lose and the BSP's support helped it. We have to adapt our strategy now," UP Health Minister Sidharth Nath Singh said.
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