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Those who opposed Ram Mandir movement now say Lord Ram belongs to all: Adityanath

Those who opposed Ram Mandir movement now say Lord Ram belongs to all: Adityanath

Gorakhpur: Those with "negative mindset" had opposed the "Ram Mandir movement", and after PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of the temple in Ayodhya they began stressing that "Lord Ram belongs to everyone", said Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday.

Addressing a public gathering here, Adityanath congratulated Prime Minister Modi for striving towards a coronavirus-free India and said that under his guidance the scientists of the country have come up with anti-COVID vaccines.

After inaugurating and laying foundation stones of 37 projects, worth Rs 500 crore, here he said, "Previous governments wanted to keep every dispute hanging. Those who used to say that Lord Ram was a fictional character, are now saying that He belongs to all... This is the transformation."

"Those who had fired bullets on the devotees of Lord Ram and used to say that Lord Ram doesn't exist, are now experiencing the strength of His devotees. Now, they are saying Ram belongs to all. At the time of Karseva, we used to say that Lord Ram belongs to all, and no one should oppose the Ram Janmabhoomi movement. Eventually, the service rendered by the devotees of Ram have emerged victorious," Adityanath said.

He said the laying of the foundation stone of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya on August 5 by PM Modi proves that the "Ram Mandir movement was a positive one"

"Those opposing the movement had a negative mindset and hence tried to insult it. When they have failed in every field, then they are saying that Ram belongs to all. May this wisdom always remain."

On two COVID-19 vaccines getting the drug regulator's nod, the Uttar Pradesh chief minister said India was the only country where two such shots got an approval.

"Under the guidance of the prime minister, the scientists of the country have come up with anti-Covid vaccine. India is the first country which has launched two vaccines at the same time.

"Modi ji is the first prime minister, who himself visited the COVID-19 laboratories for vaccines. As a result India is moving towards self-reliance. One vaccine came in the world, while in India, two vaccines came up together," he said.

Attacking the Samajwadi Party, Adityanath said, "Earlier, the investors were hesitant to purchase land in Uttar Pradesh, as they feared that SP goons might grab it. Same was the case during BSP rule. But now that is not possible, as those who used to spread fear, and themselves in fear."

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