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Thank you!

Thank you!
Dear friends and well-wishers,

Five years is not long in the life of a newspaper. In this time of turbulence in the print industry, we consider having survived and left our mark over five years in the print media as a creditable achievement. Millennium Post was launched under a new management exactly 5 years ago with a mission to make a difference in journalism, though it easier said than done! We hope we have managed to educate and entertain while trying our best to keep that motto intact.

It is time to say "Thank You" to our numerous well-wishers, who have generously extended their support through our journey. In these last five years the print industry has been passing through a serious upheaval, with even the big players restructuring their operations and scaling back their expansion plans. With our limited resources, we too are trying to survive and grow in these challenging times. One and a half years ago, we launched our second edition in Kolkata, which has already made a mark within a short span of time.

With your blessings, we hope to continue to prosper and make an impact, and we do hope that all our supporters will continue to provide their backing and valuable feedback in the years to come.

Warm regards and best wishes,

Durbar Ganguly
Editor-in-Chief, Millennium Post
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