Smriti hits back at Rahul's 'Hitler' jibe against Modi... asks 'Who imposed Emergency?'

Smriti hits back at Rahuls Hitler jibe against Modi... asks Who imposed Emergency?
Union minister Smriti Irani hit back at Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi for drawing a parallel between PM Narendra Modi and Adolf Hitler, saying that there were "no prizes for guessing" who was inspired by the dictator and imposed the Emergency.
She also tweeted that a "bleak future" awaited the Congress and not the nation, and quipped, "However, thank you @officeofRG for all that you do. Sincerely from the BJP!"
"@OfficeOfRG u r 42 yrs late on this 1. No prizes for guessing who was inspired by Hitler, imposed the Emergency & trampled over democracy (sic)," she said in a tweet.
On Friday, Gandhi had tweeted, "Hitler, once wrote: Keep a firm grasp on reality, so you can strangle it at any time(.) This is what is happening today — strangulation of reality."


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