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PM Modi signs off from social media on Women's Day, 7 women achievers take over

PM Modi signs off from social media on Womens Day, 7 women achievers take over

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday he is signing off from all his social media accounts as he handed them to seven women achievers on International Women's Day to "share their life journeys", as he had promised last Monday.

"Greetings on International Women's Day! We salute the spirit and accomplishments of our Nari Shakti. As I'd said a few days ago, I'm signing off. Through the day, seven women achievers will share their life journeys and perhaps interact with you through my social media accounts," Modi tweeted on Sunday.

"India has outstanding women achievers in all parts of the nation. These women have done great work in a wide range of sectors. Their struggles and aspirations motivate millions. Let us keep celebrating the achievements of such women and learning from them," he said.

Sneha Mohandoss, the founder of Food Bank India, was the first to tweet from PM Modi's Twitter handle. She posted a video as well to introduce herself and what she does.

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