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No encouragement from top brass, keeping my options open: Faisal

No encouragement from top brass, keeping my options open: Faisal

New Delhi: Congress veteran late Ahmed Patel's son Faisal Patel on Tuesday indicated that he may look beyond the Congress when it comes to his political future, saying he got "no encouragement from the top brass". The tweet, which comes ahead of Assembly polls in Gujarat later this year, sparked off the speculation that he could consider joining the Aam Aadmi Party.

"Tired of waiting around. No encouragement from the top brass. Keeping my options open," Faisal Patel tweeted.

Faisal Patel's tweet did not mention what kind of encouragement he was looking for, however, many believe it could be linked to his possible electoral debut. He holds no official position in the party.

His Twitter bio states: "Using Artificial Intelligence to uplift society. Empathy a must. Harvard Business & Doon School Alumni. Proud Indian & Global Citizen."

Faisal Patel's sister Mumtaz Patel also remains quite active on Twitter and posts on political issues. Ahmad Patel, who died in November, 2020, at a Gurugram hospital where he was admitted with COVID-19, was the quintessential organisation man of the Congress who was known to be the party's very effective crisis manager and troubleshooter.

He was known to quell many a rebellion in his stint as Congress president Sonia Gandhi's political secretary.

Meanwhile, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday called for unity at all levels of the organisation, while noting that the road ahead for the party is more challenging than ever before and the spirit of resilience of party workers is under severe test.

Addressing a meeting of the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP), she also hit out at the BJP, saying the ruling party's "divisive agenda" has become a regular feature of political discourse in all states and that history is being "mischievously distorted" to add fuel to its agenda.

Referring to the party's performance in recent assembly elections, she said she is aware "how disappointed you are" as they have been both "shocking and painful".

She said the CWC has met to review the performance and received many suggestions on how to strengthen the organisation, many of which are pertinent and the party is working on them.

Gandhi stressed that holding a 'Shivir' is also very necessary as views of a larger number of colleagues and party representatives will be heard and they will contribute to put forward a clear roadmap on the urgent steps to be taken by the party on how best to meet the challenges we are confronted with.

"The road ahead is more challenging than ever before. Our dedication and determination, our spirit of resilience is under severe test. Unity at all levels of our vast organisation is of paramount importance," she said adding that she is determined to do whatever is needed to ensure it.

"Our revival is not just a matter of importance to us alone. It is, in fact, essential for our democracy itself and indeed for our society as well," Gandhi said.

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