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Modi trying to paint Oppn as 'black', says Mamata

Deriding the Modi-led government for trying to paint the opposition as "black", West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday dared BJP to arrest all the TMC leaders by stating that her "Party is not afraid of such threats."

According to the TMC supremo, BJP is sure to bite the dust in the upcoming Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Punjab as the people of these states have been strongly against the money ban movement. "It seems that only BJP party members are 'white' while rest of us are 'black'. The country people have never witnessed such a government," said Banerjee while speaking on the motion of thanks to the Governor's address to the Assembly.

Responding to the alleged comments passed by the BJP party members on putting most of the TMC leaders behind the bars after the completion of Uttar Pradesh elections, Banerjee challenged the saffron party to arrest all its leaders.

"Recently, I have come across newspaper reports stating that all of our party leaders will soon be arrested. We are not afraid of such threats. If the central government wants, they can arrest all of us," Banerjee added. Referring to a famous Bollywood movie's dialogue, Mamata said, "We don't care. The situation is like threatening kids by telling them to keep shut, or else Gabbar Singh will come."

s of other parties but maintaining their decency, they do not pursue any political vendetta. "The BJP party members said that our MPs will be tied to the trees in Delhi but remember that your power is not permanent. Soon, there will be some other party in power after your term comes to an end. It is our decency that we refrain from taking action against any leader," she added.

Sharpening her attack on the Modi government she said the money ban movement was not accepted but was imposed on the masses. "People have accepted the movement out of fear. BJP is will fail miserably in the upcoming elections of Uttar Pradesh, Goa, and Punjab," she said.

The Bengal chief minister also alleged that the state revenue went down 25 percent because of demonetisation. Also, the black money hoarders benefited while those who earned their money in an honest way suffered the most. While criticising the move, Banerjee said that her party has solely been in favour of the electoral reforms and state funding of elections.

"What is this bond? Is it some kind of bonded labour? How would one understand that the bond is not corrupt?," she said, adding that there would be an all-party resolution in West Bengal Assembly demanding electoral reforms.

Banerjee again slammed the Centre for its visionless, mission-less and directionless demonetisation that continues to affect common middle-class people even after three months.

It ( demonetisation) had taken away economic freedom of people. Only some capitalists did not suffer. The economy has slowed down tremendously and the country was facing an acute economic crisis, the Bengal CM said in a tweet.
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