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Modi most corrupt PM in the history of India: Mamata

Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi describing him the 'most corrupt' PM in the history of the country.

Referring to the leakage of information regarding the Defence Ministry's deal on Rafale, the Chief Minister said a thorough inquiry will be conducted into the scam.

"I don't know what exactly the deal was and how much money was involved in it but there is definitely something behind the curtain. It is a big scam. We extend our support to the Congress party," Banerjee added.

Regarding the accusation against the PMO for conducting 'parallel negotiations' and intervening into Defence Ministry-related matter, Banerjee said: "He (Modi) interferes in everything. No minister under his government is allowed to work freely. Was the then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley consulted before announcing demonetisation. They also interfere in the state government-related matters including health and agriculture. They (Centre) seek audit report from us."

Following the conclusion of the Business Global Business Summit on Friday, the Chief Minister came down heavily on the Prime Minister and asserted: "The Modi government will finish its tenure in a month. His government has expired. Even the Budget rolled out by this government will not be implemented. The new government will present a new Budget. I urge people not to believe them. Once it is voted out of power, all the scams carried out by the Centre will be unearthed. We will expose the most corrupt Prime Minister of the country."

She further added: "During the tenure of Atal Bihari Vajpayee as Prime Minister, I visited Gujarat when there was an earthquake. He should not dare to teach me politics. I had been an MP for 23 years and I know the country well. He came to power on the premise of a riot in Gujarat."

On the Prime Minister announcing the grand alliance a combination of 'disgruntled' parties during his speech after inaugurating the Circuit Bench of Calcutta High Court in Jalpaiguri, Banerjee thundered saying: "He (Modi) is the greatest master of corruption and he should not lecture on that. He has done very big scams including Rafale, demonetisation and so on. The less we talk about this man (the Prime Minister) the better. He is the master of corruption. He is the master of arrogance and a shame for the country. I have no words to describe him. His standard is so low that we have never expected such a man to be the Prime Minister. We have respect for the chair but not for this man."

Talking about her 'Satyagraha', the Chief minister said: "Ours was a Satyagraha. It was not a political agitation. Some people are calling it 'dharna'. Let them say so. We will protect the Constitution, the Federal structure and the country. In the past five years, they remained silent and now they have suddenly sprung up creating nuisance at the time of election to gag our voices. The BJP has become scared after the leaders from 23 political parties from across the country joined our United India rally. Our clarion call would be 'Modi Hatao, Desh Bachao'. As we are united, Modi is afraid. He is talking rubbish. He never sold tea. Chaiwala has now become Rafale-wala."

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