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Mamata writes to Oppn leaders to fight unitedly against misuse of agencies

Mamata writes to Oppn leaders to fight unitedly against misuse of agencies

New Delhi/Kolkata: Expressing deep concern over the BJP-led Centre's alleged vindictive politics and the continuous misuse of the central agencies like the CBI, ED, CVC and Income Tax to suppress Opposition leaders, Trinamool Congress (TMC) chief Mamata Banerjee has written to all non-BJP chief ministers and Opposition parties, including the Congress, calling on all progressive forces to meet and discuss a "way forward".

In her letter, she stated that the need of the hour is for "all progressive forces to come together and unite to fight the oppressive BJP regime".

Banerjee called for a meeting to discuss strategies to take on the saffron party and also commit to the cause of a unified and principled Opposition that will make way for the "government that the country deserves".

"I urge everyone to come together for a meeting to deliberate on the way forward at a place as per everyone's convenience and suitability.

Let us commit to the cause of a unified and principled opposition that will make way for the government that our country deserves," the letter, dated March 27, stated. It was shared with the media on Tuesday morning.

Accusing the BJP-led government, the feisty TMC boss claimed that the "Centre is attacking the federal structure of the country". Banerjee alleged that the Delhi Special Police (Amendment) Bill, 2021 and the CVC (Amendment) Bill, 2021 were passed in Parliament during the winter session amidst a walk-out by the Opposition.

"These laws enable the Centre to extend the tenure of the directors of ED and CBI up to five years in blatant violation of a previous Supreme Court judgment," she said.

Alleging that the central agencies "jolt to action" whenever elections are around the corner, she urged all the Opposition parties to resist the BJP's intention to misuse the agencies to suppress them.

"It is amply clear that the Opposition is being targeted, and the BJP-ruled states get a free pass from these agencies so that a rosy picture of their hollow governance can be painted," the letter stated.

"We all must resist the ruling BJP's intention to misuse these central agencies with the sole intent of suppressing opposition leaders," she added.

Earlier, in her speech on Martyrs' Day last year in Kolkata, Banerjee had urged all Opposition leaders to come on the same dais, taking the initiative to build a front against the incumbent BJP.

Making a scathing attack on the BJP over "biased political interferences", Banerjee claimed that her ruling government will not tolerate the vindictive politics of the BJP that has led to a "political witch-hunt".

She stated: "It pains me to see that the chief ministers of BJP-ruled states have been consistently flouting the directives of the judiciary. I have the highest regards for the judiciary."

Moreover, after the Centre proposed to amend the IAS rules and sought opinions from the states, Banerjee had also shot off a letter asking the non-BJP states to oppose the move.

"As the opposition parties, it is our constitutional responsibility to hold this government accountable for their actions, to resist the stifling of voices of dissent... Let us commit to the case of unified and principled opposition that will make way for the Government that our country deserves," Banerjee's letter read.

She had held several meetings in the past years to collaborate with all Opposition and like-minded parties on a common platform, and even during the run-up to the Bengal Assembly elections, she had written a similar letter to such parties in a bid to unite forces against the BJP.

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