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Mamata vows to end politics of vandalism in Bengal

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday said she would stop the "politics of vandalism" in the state, an issue she has taken up as a "challenge".

The political parties should drop the "politics of vandalism" and instead, opt for discussion, she said, adding, "This politics of vandalism cannot go on in every second issue. If needed, the political parties can come forward for discussions or give deputations...It needs a long time to build something, but only a day to destroy."

Hitting out at the Left Front, Banerjee said "politics of vandalism" lasted in the state during its 34-year-long rule but she would "not allow it anymore".

"All these years, there had been the politics vandalism, but I will not allow it anymore...I will end this politics of vandalism. It is my challenge, my challenge."

The chief minister was speaking at an award ceremony for sports personalities, hosted by the state Youth Affairs and Sports Ministry, at the Netaji Indoor Stadium.

She said Bengal has been making progress in the last five years and added that the CPI(M) should stop its "politics of causing hindrance".
"After playing the politics of vandalism for 34 years, you (CPI-M) have forgotten to construct...Bengal is now progressing, so do not try to cause trouble in it. We want positive work, not destructive," Banerjee said. She questioned the Congress' choice of the Left Front as an ally in the state and also lashed out at the BJP.

"Delhi (BJP-ruled Centre) is threatening us almost everyday. People are eyeing West Bengal. They have become greedy for West Bengal...But, West Bengal is not that weak.It's capable of facing them," Banerjee said.

The West Bengal had recently passed a law which proposes stringent measures to penalise those who damage government or private properties.
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