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In aftermath, 500 Muslim families leave their homes in Shiv Vihar

New Delhi: Shiv Puri is one area where the aftermath of the violence is staggering. In one area having Muslim majority, all the lanes are empty with nothing but debris and ashes blocking the view.

Shiv Vihar is one of the most vulnerable areas from where reports of fresh violence have been heard almost every day. Heavy deployment of the police and RAF can be seen on the main roads and crossings in Karawal Nagar area but not in the bylanes leading to Shiv Vihar. The whole area where the Muslim populace lived is barren and desolate with no human in sight.

This is the same area that saw an exodus of about 500 families overnight. On February 24, as the communal violence gained force, families in Shiv Vihar were aware of the repercussions. According to the Hindu residents, a violent mob burnt down all the Muslim shops and houses on Monday and Tuesday due to which people were hiding and were stuck for days. On Wednesday, a rescue operation was taken out by the paramilitary where all the Muslim families were brought out. Tension remained high on Thursday as well because men on bikes were seen doing the rounds in the area.

In a few areas of Mustafabad, about 500 families from Shiv Vihar are huddled together. Najeeba, a resident of Shiv Vihar, is living with her relatives in Mustafabad's Chand Vihar area. Najeeba's right eye is injured and a blood clot appears on the sides. "I was hit with a stone when the mob forced us to run away from our houses," she said, angry and upset. More than 2,000 people are said to have left the area.

The Muslim residents of Shiv Vihar are residing in different areas meanwhile, as they say, the violent mob is still out there. Alif desperately tried to hold back tears as he says he had to run away from his home in Shiv Vihar to survive. "We had no time to look back. It was either your life or your home," he said. The residents of Shiv Vihar have added that neither the police or the local residents are letting them come back.

"If we are trying to go there, a mob is vigilant, which is shooting or beating us dead," said Najeeba.

Meanwhile, the walls of Shiv Vihar have been painted with 'Ram' in a few places. All Muslim shops and houses in Shiv Vihar now hold nothing but ashes as families wait in anticipation to go back.

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