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Help everyone without discrimination: Bhagwat to RSS workers on Covid-19 crisis

Help everyone without discrimination: Bhagwat to RSS workers on Covid-19 crisis

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat Sunday told Sangh workers that they should continue with coronavirus relief work till the pandemic ends, and help all those affected due to the COVID-19 crisis "without discrimination".

In an online address, Bhagwat said the RSS is active during lockdown, with its work having taken the shape of relief activities, PTI reported.

The RSS chief said the organisation was working to create awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic, while observing all rules and precautions during the lockdown.

"The relief work has to be done for all, without any discrimination. Everyone who needs help is our own, we should not differentiate among them. Helping our own is not a favour to them, but our duty," RSS's official Twitter handle quoted Bhagwat as saying in Hindi.

Bhagwat also said India had handled the Covid-19 pandemic effectively as the government and the people had responded proactively to this crisis, but warned against "vested interests trying to take advantage of situation in the country".

"Even if someone did something wrong, do not consider everyone guilty. Some people want to misuse it. We have to be patient and calm. There should be no fear or anger. Follow all guidelines and precautions," Bhagwat was quoted by PTI as saying.

Earlier, in March too, the RSS chief had called upon swayamsevaks to continue doing their work while following the lockdown implemented by the government. "The RSS has a way of functioning. It can be altered as per the needs of the times. We can still come together in small numbers, if need be, within our families, to pray. After all, coming together and praying is what the RSS (shakhas) is all about," Bhagwat had said.

Meanwhile, in the country, for the fourth time in the last one week, the daily increase in the number of coronavirus patients registered a new record on Saturday. A total of 1,808 new cases were reported from across the country, which is more than a 100 more than the previous record of 1,697 hit just two days ago.

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