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Govt allows up to 25% discount on alcohol MRP

Govt allows up to 25% discount on alcohol MRP

New Delhi: The Delhi government's excise department has allowed private shops to offer up to 25 per cent discount on the maximum retail price (MRP) of liquor.

In February, the government had prohibited discounts and schemes being offered by liquor stores in view of violations of Covid-related guidelines and unhealthy market practices.

An order issued by the excise commissioner of Delhi on Friday stated that the government has recommended that rebate or discount up to 25 per cent of the MRP will be allowed on the sale of liquor in jurisdiction of NCT of Delhi with strict compliance of Rule 20 of the Delhi Excise Rules, 2010.

"... the Commissioner, Excise, under Section 4 of the Delhi Excise Act directed that the licensees can offer discount or concessions up to a maximum of 25 per cent of the MRP of liquor sale in Delhi," said the order.

The licensees will strictly abide by terms and conditions of the license and if any violation is noticed, then strict penal action will be taken against them under the Delhi Excise Act and other rules, it said.

"However, in overall public interest, the government reserves the right to withdraw the discount at any time. The government will not be under any obligation whatsoever and it will be non-binding on the government to allow discount on sale of liquor in Delhi," it added.

In view of violations of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) guidelines related to COVID-19 and "distortion of market" due to "unregulated discounts" offered by some licensees, the excise department had on February 28 discontinued rebate and concessions on the sale of liquor in Delhi, the order stated.

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