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Doesn't look, feel, smell right when e-tailer makes Rs 6K cr loss on Rs 5K turnover

Doesnt look, feel, smell right when e-tailer makes Rs 6K cr loss on Rs 5K turnover

New Delhi: Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday asked e-commerce players to strictly adhere to FDI norms, saying it "certainly does not look and feel and smell right" when a company makes a loss of Rs 6,000 crore on a turnover of Rs 5,000 crore.

Goyal, who had earlier remarked that e-commerce giant Amazon was not doing any favour to India by announcing USD 1 billion investment in the country as they are financing their losses, also reiterated that neither the Competition Commission of India (CCI) nor his ministry would have to probe on fair trade practices if e-commerce players "can stick within the letter and spirit of the law".

He said that India would welcome e-commerce companies to work within the framework and the laws of the land.

The minister was replying to a question about his earlier statement on Amazon and whether the company is breaking domestic laws of the sector.

"I had before me the CCI's preliminary findings. Our own office is also making queries on the various practices and I do hope and believe that if everybody can stick within the letter and spirit of the law, we won't have to go down the path of finding whether anybody is breaking the law or not but whoever makes losses will have to bring in FDI to pay for those losses," he said.

He appealed to all stakeholders in the e-commerce industry to work within the letter and the spirit of the law and said, "I am sure it would look good for everybody".

"Promises of a certain number of people benefitting from e-commerce are very attractive, but it cannot be at the cost of a '10X' number of people suffering the consequences of practices which are not allowed and certainly a trillion-dollar company, competing with small retailers whose total capital may be a lakh of two lakhs of rupees is a very, very unfair competition," he said at an event here.

It is the government's job and duty to protect the interests of every small stakeholder in the sector, he added.

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