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Delhi ATM dispenses `2K notes from 'Children's Bank of India'

Following the tremors caused by the note ban move in the country, the healing balm that the Government would regularly provide was that the new notes would not be replicated and fake currency notes would take years to find its way into the India economy.

But, in a case of high-security breach, an ATM of State Bank of India in Sangam Vihar dispensed fake currency notes. The incident was brought to light when a customer care executive went to withdraw Rs 2000 notes from the ATM and was in for a rude shock.

The notes, dispensed on February 6, read 'Children Bank of India' in place of Reserve Bank of India and 'Guaranteed by the Children's Government' in place of Guaranteed by the Central Government. 'Churan lable' in place of the latent image and a fake 'PK' logo instead of the bank's seal. Also, the notes bore ten other glaring errors.

According to the police, these notes are used by children for several games like 'Monopoly' which are available in various toy shops across the Capital. The investigators have zeroed in on one person, Mohammad Isha who was the custodian of the bank during the time of the incident.
The incident took place on February 6, when Rohit, a customer care executive was on his way to the local State Bank of India ATM located at Tigri T point in Sangam Vihar. "Around 7:45 pm I went to the ATM to withdraw Rs 8000. After putting in my PIN details, I received four notes of Rs 2000 each," said Rohit, while talking to Millennium Post. Following this, while counting the notes, he was flabbergasted. "I could not believe what had happened. The notes were not only fake but it had 'Children Bank of India' written on it along with the words '2000 coupon'," Rohit added. Immediately, Rohit contacted the local security guard, Prabhu Dayal and later decided to take the matter to the police station.

Apart from the above-mentioned comedy of errors, the note contained the inscription 'Bhartiya Manoranjan Bank' instead of Bhartiya Reserve Bank, a string of six zeroes in place of the serial number, P.K. logo instead of the Ashok emblem. Also, the notes were bereft of both the rupee sign and Governor's signatures.

"I had Rs 8425 in my account and was in dire need of money. I am still in a state of shock," he added. After, lodging a complaint with the cops, a sub-inspector was deputed to the spot for inquiry. Not finding any other customer with the same complaint, Rohit withdrew Rs 2000 and received the same notes.

The cops are investigating the case. "We have registered a case under section 406, 409 and 420 IPC. Mohammad Isha, the custodian of Brinka India Pvt Ltd has been found liable in the case. Isha was also the custodian at the SBI bank we are trying our best to unearth the case soon," said DCP (South-East), Romil Baniya.
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