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COVID-19 patients' recovery rate climbs to 25.19%

COVID-19 patients recovery rate climbs to 25.19%

New Delhi: Even though the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has climbed to 33,610, India has witnessed a significant recovery rate in the past 14 days as it jumped from 13.06 per cent to 25 per cent on Thursday.

Out of the total 33,610 confirmed cases, 8,373 patients have won the COVID-19 battle and been discharged from various hospitals.

"The recovery rate is getting better which is a very good trend. It shows containment and lockdown measures are being strictly followed," Joint Secretary (Health) Lav Agarwal said.

Of the total 8,373 cured patients, Maharashtra has reported 1,593 recoveries, followed by Tamil Nadu at 1,210, Delhi at 1,092, Rajasthan at 768, Gujarat at 527, Uttar Pradesh at 510, Madhya Pradesh at 461, Kerala at 369, Telangana at 367, Andhra Pradesh at 287, Karnataka at 216, Haryana at 209, Jammu & Kashmir at 192 and West Bengal 124.

Apart from a resounding improvement in recoveries, there is a significant increase in the doubling rate of cases as the average national doubling rate stands at 11 days, which was 10 days on Tuesday and a day before it was 9.1 days.

As per the Health Ministry's report, states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, J&K, Odisha, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Punjab have improved a lot in containing the spread of the Coronavirus as the doubling rate of these states is more than the national average.

"The doubling rate of Delhi, which has reported a total of 3,439 confirmed cases, stands at 11.3 days, while in UP's cases are doubling in 12 days and in J&K it's doubling at 12.2 days," the Health ministry official said.

Coastal state Odisha has a doubling rate of 13 days, Rajasthan 17.8 days, Tamil Nadu 19.1 days and Punjab 19.5 days, he said, adding there are five states which have doubling rate between 20 days to 40 days and three states have registered above 40 days doubling rate.

The states having doubling rates between 20 days to 40 days include Karnataka (21.6 days), Ladakh (24.2 days), Haryana (24.4 days), Uttarakhand (30.3 days) and Kerala (37.5 days), while states with a doubling rate of above 40 days are Assam (59 days), Telangana (70.8 days), Chhattisgarh (89.7 days) and Himachal Pradesh (91.6 days).

Although the global mortality rate of Coronavirus patients is around 7 per cent, India's mortality rate of 3 per cent extends hope for all those afflicted by the disease.

About 86 per cent of those patients who have succumbed to the deadly disease so far also had co-morbid conditions like acute diabetes and hypertension, Union Health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan, who is a doctor himself, had said.

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