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Coronavirus update: Confirmed COVID-19 case 1251, death toll rises to 32 in India

Coronavirus update: Confirmed COVID-19 case 1251, death toll rises to 32 in India

India Coronavirus Latest Update: Even as the number of coronavirus cases in India crossed 1,250, the Health Ministry on Monday reiterated that COVID-19 is still in the local transmission stage in India and that there has been "no community transmission as of now". "If there will be a community transmission we will want to covey it to the community through you (media) to increase the level of alertness and management for COVID-19 at the field level," said Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary in the Health Ministry.

Attributing the slow pace of rise in cases to people's participation in strictly following the social distancing guidelines and the nationwide lockdown, Agarwal said, "It took 12 days for cases to rise from 100 to 1,000 in our country, whereas seven other developed nations having lesser population than us have seen multiple increase," he said.

Three more coronavirus-linked deaths were reported from Maharashtra, Gujarat and Bengal taking the nationwide toll to 32, while the number of cases spiked to 1251 as the lockdown to break the transmission chain of the infection entered its sixth day. The number of active COVID-19 cases stood at 1117, while 101 people were either cured or discharged and one had migrated, the Health Ministry stated.

PM holds video-conference with 130 Indian missions abroad on COVID-19

Extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during a video conference on Monday with 130 Indian missions abroad while referring to the 21-day nationwide lockdown to fight coronavirus. In a nearly 75-minute interaction, Modi said India had taken "unprecedented" and early steps from mid-January to reduce the risk of importing the coronavirus infection and prevent a large outbreak. He said it included the world's largest quarantine and lockdown, according to the ministry of external affairs.

"The prime minister noted that extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions, which was why even in this globalised era, most of the world had quarantined itself," it said.

Maharashtra is among the worst-affected states in the country with 218 cases and is closely followed by Kerala (213). Nagpur also reported its first case this morning. In Kerala, of the 202 cases reported till Sunday, 181 are still in hospital and only four of them needed critical care — admission in the Intensive Care Unit.

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Total confirmed COVID-19 cases - 1251

ActiveCOVID-19 cases - 1117

Recovered - 101

Migrated - 1

Deaths - 32

(Data Source: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare KBK Infographics)

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