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Cops find Kejriwal car at Ghaziabad, claim thief used it for 'a joy ride'

New Delhi: "It seems that someone took the car for a joyride," Delhi Police PRO Madhur Verma told the media after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's Wagon R was found abandoned in Ghaziabad on Saturday. The car that was earlier used by the CM and is now used by AAP Media Cell Coordinator Vandana Singh was stolen on Thursday from outside the Delhi Secretariat.
However, it seems quite unlikely that someone would steal the old Wagon R car from outside the Delhi Secretariat for a joyride as the man was captured in the CCTV stealing the car has moved to Sarai kale Khan indicating that he would have taken the DND and traveled to Western UP.
"The car did not have any safety device like gear lock or GPS and was parked 200 meters from the manned parking lot which made it easy for the thief to steal it." Verma said. Delhi Police was informed by Ghaziabad Police about the car at around 8 am on Saturday.
However, even if the car was parked 200 meters away from the manned parking , the fact remains that the carjacker dared to steal the car from outside the Delhi Secretariat. Asked about the things found inside the car, the police said that most likely they belong to the owner of the Wagon R and the police are trying to contact Vandana to know if anything from inside the car is missing.
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