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BJP will sell the country if voted back to power, cautions Mamata

Keshiari (West Midnapore): Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said BJP will "sell the country" if voted back to power, while addressing a gathering here on Monday afternoon.

"Do not vote for them as if they come back to power, they will sell the country. The decision to ban high value notes has affected the Indian economy badly and common people are still suffering because of the arbitrary decision. Many ordinary people working in other states lost their jobs. We have stood beside them," she said.

BJP has shown disrespect to the common people, who will retaliate someday. "Just as we have driven out CPI(M), we will drive BJP out of power too."

Banerjee alleged that BJP's only role is to divide society and incite one community against the other. "They divide between Hindus and Muslims, Adivasis and Hindus. They oppress the dalits. But we never do that in Bengal. We believe in communal peace and harmony. We observe festivals of each and every community. We observe Durga Puja, Christmas, Eid and Hul. Communal peace and harmony is the tradition of Bengal," stated the Chief Minister.

She said the state government has taken up various schemes for the development of the tribals. "We have renovated Jahar Than and through our schemes supported the tribals. We give rice for Rs 2 per kg. Medical treatment is free in government hospitals," she said, adding: "Nowhere else in the country is medical treatment free in state-run establishments."

In Keshiari, BJP candidates won the Gram Panchayat in the Panchayat election. Referring to the election, Banerjee said some BJP leaders had misguided local people, confused them and lied to them. "I do not blame people for voting for some other party. There were problems with some leaders of our party who created trouble and they have all been removed. If you are not happy with the performance of our leaders, inform us and we will take appropriate action. But do not misunderstand us."

She said BJP puts up posters of great people before the election, just to get votes. "They never put up posters of Rabindranath, Kazi Nazrul or Raghunath Murmu except before elections. They insult these great personalities by putting up their posters."

She asked the District Magistrate and police officers to go to the people and listen to their grievances. "Listen to them patiently and try to resolve their problems. Serve the people as it is your duty," she maintained.

Banerjee said the Ghatal master plan, which has been prepared to control flood, has not yet been sanctioned by the Centre, whereas the state government has taken up projects to control flood in Midnapore.

The Chief Minister urged the girls who are receiving scholarship under Kanyashree scheme to study seriously and become self-reliant. "We are committed to provide all support to the girls coming from ordinary families. We are giving them scholarships, books, shoes and cycles under Sabuj Sathi scheme. We want to see them conquering the world someday," she said.

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