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Centre has sown violence from Kanyakumari to Amarnath: CM

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday lashed out at the Centre for its failure to give protection to the people "from Kanyakumari to Amarnath" and held the Modi Government responsible for the ongoing violence in Darjeeling too. Addressing a rally at Digha, East Midnapore, the Chief Minister said, "It is because of them (the Centre). There is violence all over from Kanyakumari to Amarnath and they have set Darjeeling on fire as well."
She added that her government will not allow the violence and will soon reinstate peace in the Hills instead of bowing down before the "conspiracy of the Centre".
Once again urging those creating trouble in the Hills to restore peace, Banerjee said, "Violence is pollution and peace in the only solution…. I am feeling sad today for the devotees of Amarnath who have been shot dead. This Central government does not have the capability to do anything. It cannot give protection to the people and only pushes people into danger."
Soon after receiving the news of the terror attack in Amarnath, Banerjee had tweeted: "Strongly condemn the attack on Amarnath yatris and the police. Terrorism unacceptable anywhere in the world."
Without naming Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister once again took a dig at him on Tuesday, saying that "he sets lamps during his tour to foreign countries and at the same time people are killed in his own country." Banerjee attacked the Centre, saying that it has failed in all aspects and only knows the politics of division, besides creating immense problems for the common people. In the name of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Centre has forced small and medium units to pull down their shutters, she alleged.
"They divide a mother from her daughter, a brother from his sister and even create differences between people of different communities," she said after charging that that their (the Centre's) only task is to set a place on fire, kill a person and ensure riots. Neither does Bengal support the politics of division nor will the people of the state allow anyone to create violence, thundered Banerjee.
She urged the common people to stand up against attempts to create violence in any part of the state. "There are some people who are jealous over the development taking place in the state and there is no medicine for jealousy. These are the people who don't have any work apart from envying others and creating violence to disturb the ongoing development process. But Bengal will keep surging ahead with the support of the people," Banerjee said, adding that Bengal is the land of humanity and there is no place here for demons.
Referring to the Centre's conspiracy to create violence in Darjeeling, she asserted, "It is the people of Bengal who will fight against any attempt to divide the state."

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