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China says India 'trampled' on Panchsheel pact

Upping the ante on the Sikkim standoff, China on Wednesday accused India of "trampling" on the Panchsheel principles and asked New Delhi to "correct its mistakes" as soon as possible by pulling back troops.

China also claimed that India was "misleading the public" by saying that Chinese troops are building a road close to the Chicken's Neck in the Sikkim sector which could endanger India's access to its north-eastern states.
"I want to point that the relevant actions by the Indian side violated the purposes and principles of the UN Charter in defiance of the international law and international norms. As we all know in 1950s China, India and Myanmar proposed the five principles (Panchsheel) of co-existence," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Gen Shuang told reporters here.
"However to the surprise of everyone, the Indian side trampled on the basic norms governing the international relations proposed by itself by illegally crossing into other country's territory," he said.
The Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, known as the Panchsheel, are a series of principles which have formed the bedrock of the relationship between India and China. Their first formal codification in treaty form was in an agreement between China and India in 1954.
Geng said this time the Indian troops crossed the delineated boundary into the Chinese side and nature of the incident was "very serious".

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