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Going towards Israel not unnatural for Indians: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that "going towards Israel is not unnatural for any Indian", making it clear that relations between the two countries "are at a turning point".
"We are in diplomatic relations since last 25 years, and 25 years in a relation is an important stage. Today, our relations are at a turning point. In such a time going towards Israel is not unnatural for any Indian," Modi told Israeli News Channel 2.
He was replying to a question on the risk of India taking a '180 degree' turn on Israel and whether it was easy to persuade Indians that it was a better approach.
Asked by the questioner whether a 'tiny' Israel and 'huge' India could together change the world, the Prime Minister said, "There should not be a comparison on the basis of geographical size. If India thinks it's a country of 1.3 billion people and will talk to only those who are equal to us then we will be isolated in the world. Our friendship is very natural."
Modi said the way Israel developed itself despite all odds has gained the world's attention.
"Everyone praises Israel for the way it developed in a very short span of time. Innovation, technology, start-ups, space, agriculture are the areas where India and Israel can move shoulder to shoulder," Modi, who is on a three-day visit, said.
He said innovation was the key to any country's development journey. "Israel has always stressed on innovation. We are working together in space technology. From soil to sky, we can work together in every region."
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