Battle of ideologies not caste, asserts Meira

Battle of ideologies not caste, asserts Meira
Opposition presidential candidate Meira Kumar on Tuesday said she would contest the election on the basis of ideology, not caste, stressing that her plank would be the destruction of the caste structure and protection of democratic values.

Kumar, who will contest against NDA's Ram Nath Kovind for the post of president, described the presidential poll as a "battle of ideologies" and not a "Dalit versus Dalit" fight as was being projected by some.

The former Lok Sabha speaker is likely to start her campaign from June 30 from Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat after scrutiny of her nomination. She will file her papers on Wednesday in the presence of top opposition leaders.

Addressing her first press conference after being chosen as the joint candidate of 17 opposition parties, she said, "This unity is based on their firm ideological positions, democratic values, inclusiveness, social justice, freedom of press, transparency, end of poverty, destruction of caste structure as some of those cherished values which form an important component of this ideology.

"This ideology is very close to my heart. In the coming election, this will be my plank on which I will contest."

The fact that the election was being viewed as a contest between two Dalits reflected society's mindset in her view.

"I don't want that this election for the top position in the country should be contested on the basis of caste. No countryman would want that. We are fighting this on the basis of ideology," said the former diplomat and daughter of Dalit leader Jagjivan Ram.

Referring to the perception that her selection was on the basis of her caste, she said this was the election for the highest position in the land. Caste had no role.

"Although its process of electing is political, the post itself is apolitical. For this post, in my opinion, there should be no one-upmanship of castes. I don't think caste identification should play a role."

Kumar described recent attacks on Dalits as "shameful".

"We should hang our heads in shame, even if there is one incident of violence against Dalits."

She said she had not decided on whether to appeal to JD (U) leader and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to support her nomination. However, she had already reached out to each member of the electorate through her letter two days ago in which she made an emotional appeal to their "voice of inner conscience".


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