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'Wasn't At Arvind Kejriwal's Home': Minister Satyendar Jain Rebuts Kapil Mishra's Charge

Kapil Mishra, the minister sacked by Arvind Kejriwal, today released another tranche of allegations against the Chief Minister and dared the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to expel him. Hitting back at the party for accusing him of a conspiracy, he also declared that he would "never join the BJP".

But a minister accused by him of handing over Rs. 2 crore in cash to Mr Kejriwal on Friday evening, which forms the crux of Mr Mishra's campaign against Mr Kejriwal, today came out with an emphatic denial.

"There is a limit to lying. I wasn't present at the Chief Minister's residence on 5 May, Friday, and I can prove it in many ways," Satyendar Jain, the Delhi Health Minister, said on Mr Mishra

The war of words signaled that a meeting of AAP's Political Affairs Committee this evening will not be without drama. Mr Mishra has alleged that the meeting has been called to throw him out of the party.

"I openly dare them to expel me...I will expose every minister's file - the decisions, tenders everything. The public will decide who stays and who leaves the party," the 36-year-old threatened.

On Sunday, a day after being sacked as Water Minster, Mr Mishra came out with the allegation that he had seen Mr Kejriwal receive cash from Satyendar Jain at his home. He had also claimed that Mr Jain had told him about helping Mr Kejriwal with a 50-crore deal.

Goaded by AAP to be specific and furnish proof of his allegations, Mr Mishra today said, "Satyendar Jain told me that he had facilitated a deal for a seven-acre farmhouse for Arvind Kejriwal's brother-in-law."

"This is not the Arvind Kejriwal whom we worshipped and revered, with whom we fought corruption. This Kejriwal is hungry for power and wants to cling to his seat (Chief Ministership)" he said.

Though he declared that he had shared details of his allegations with the anti-corruption branch or ACB of the Delhi Police, its chief MK Meena denied it.

Earlier today, Mr Mishra said, "I want that Arvind Kejriwal, Satyendar Jain and I should undergo a lie-detector test."
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