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BCI announces country-wide lawyers' strike on March 31

The Bar Council of India has declared an all-India lawyer's strike on March 31.

Lawyers all over India will restrain themselves from work in order to protest against a proposed bill, which prohibits advocates to go on strike. The announcement was made last Tuesday.

Manan Kumar Mishra, who is the Chairman of Bar Council of India (BCI) highlights the proposed amendments of the bill to be "draconian, undemocratic, unconstitutional, anti-people, and anti-lawyer".

According to the Council, there is a probability that there would be a dominance of architects, politicians, doctors, chartered accountants the Bar Council due to the proposed legislation.

The Council had put forward a strong plea to the government of rejecting the suggestions of the Law Commission.

It is said that the Law Commission appeared to have acted in a hurry and not taken into consideration the recommendations of the BCI and brought the suggestions of the non-lawyers into prominence.

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