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As number of injured in hospitals shoots up, many skip medical aid

New Delhi: As the situation remains tense and palpable in north-east Delhi, the injured are putting in efforts to recuperate from the trauma, both mentally and physically, bit by bit.

While Guru Teg Bahadur (GTB) Hospital tried to control the chaos as the injured kept pouring in till Wednesday evening, other private and community-based hospitals also tried to provide help to those hurt.

In GTB's emergency ward, numerous persons with bullet injuries were still traumatised. Many had to undergo surgery as the bullets were not removed from their bodies yet. 60-year-old Faizal Khan sat there alone in a corner. "I had gone out just to see what was happening when I was suddenly shot. I woke up in the hospital next," he said while fidgeting on the bed.

Even as the hospital was busy with injured patients, many chose to skip the process and heal themselves at their homes. In the lanes of Gokulpuri's Azad Chowk, one could hear a distant wailing of a woman. A young boy stood in the narrow alley; however, he scuttled into a house soon as he saw the reporter approaching. The boy had bullet wounds on his hand and it was in a tattered condition.

When asked why he had not sought professional medical help, he disappeared into one of the byroads. Neighbours said the boy had tried to fire a gun, an illegal purchase, and hence was refusing to go to any hospital, fearing a police case. He has been seeking shelter in different houses fearing that if he stays in one place for long, the police may find him.

Many cases of injured victims hiding in holes, fearing police harassment, came up as the reporter went further into the thoroughfares.

Meanwhile, director of Asmita Theatre Arvind Gaur used his personal contacts to get some of the injured victims into an ambulance and provide them with medical aid. "Most victims are scared to ask for medical assistance fearing that there would be police action against them. They do not want cases, be it true or false, registered against them," he said.

The injured, both in the hospital and the houses, said they were just out or returning from work when they were hit by a bullet or a sharp object. While many had to be rushed to the hospital, several others chose to heal themselves.

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